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Wound Care

Although foot and leg wounds usually mend on their own, healing can be slowed or compromised by conditions such as diabetes, infection and poor circulation. Wounds that are slow to heal or that fail to heal can be painful and impact your mobility. They can also increase your risk of hospitalization.

Board certified wound care

If you have a non-healing wound, Schoppe is here to help. Our physician team, including a board certified wound care specialist, specializes in treating difficult foot and leg wounds. We also work with area physicians to expedite the healing of surgical incisions.

Greater comfort, faster healing

Schoppe Foot & Ankle carries a full line of the latest wound care products and graft materials to optimize healing. The sooner you seek care for your wound, the faster and more complete your recovery will be, with healing time potentially reduced from months to days. Optimal results can be achieved if we see you within 48 hours of a skin tear, so call our office for a consult as soon as possible.

Attention New Patients

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